The HACM (the Academy of Fine Mountain Cuisine)

A logo, a new kind of Club that sums up our reverence for the mountains and aims to encourage people to enjoy it, in harmony with its pace and its traditions, highlighting its attractions and its nuances, 365 days a year.

Its essence is summed up by its logo: the outline of a mountain created by a fork and spoon. In the background – from a slope 9500 feet above sea level overlooking Sauze d'Oulx, in the Upper Susa Valley – lies thehistoric hotel that has launched the HACM concept: the Chalet il Capricorno.

Its four letters signify a number of meanings:

H.... as in ACCAdemy (ACCA in Italian meaning the letter ‘H’), a place and a laboratory where one can delve into, and experiment with, new recipes and new tourist attractions in order to promote mountain culture in its every aspect; and H as in quality Hospitality i.e. the desire to make every establishment – be it a hotel, restaurant or whatever else, regardless of the number of stars it has or its category – a place where people can meet, where intentions and ideas can come together in the spirit of a great culture of hospitality. in Altitude, synonymous with relaxation for guests who choose the silence of high altitude, as well as a measure of the efforts made by those who welcome those guests, hoping that each stay will prove a moment to remember.

C... as in Cuisine. High class, high quality, in keeping with the culinary tradition of the mountains, the region, places over the border and the entire Alpine area; 'historical', reinterpreted dishes that focus on the search for fresh ingredients, served to perfection in order to satisfy the palate and foster an understanding of the mountains and its assets. And C as in cuore, or ‘heart’, i.e. passion, our commitment to making our promises a reality.

M... as in Mountain, a mountain that wants to tell and be told, retrieving fragments from its controversial past, its relationship with nearby valleys and those of bordering France, re-reading chapters of common traditions and events; and all this without wallowing in nostalgia, quite the contrary, with the pleasure of reviving forgotten topics and traditions.

The Chalet does not want to be the only player in this project. Our hope and ambition is to share our aims and to 'infect' other partners, aware of the importance of these aims and motivated by them.

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