Aims and Objectives

The HACM – the Academy of Fine Mountain Cuisine – aims to promote and enhance local Alpine culture and traditions.

In order to do so with a focus on quality and excellence, the Academy of Fine Mountain Cuisine organises cultural and artistic events, musical and culinary soirees (see the News section of our website), as well as courses (open to all) on how to prepare traditional dishes, desserts, preserves and jams (see the Courses section).

It seeks out and catalogues traditional recipes of local Alpine cuisine and presents them to visitors, suggesting the wine or beer that goes best with each one (see the Cuisine&Cellar section)

With a view to offering a specialised service to tourists who, like us, are looking for quality, the HACM holds training courses in its laboratory specially designed to train members of staff working in high-class hospitality and catering establishments (see the Training section).

It also provides details on quality events and activities in the valley and in Piedmont in general, specially designed for discerning and demanding tourists; events and activities that such tourists can attend or take part in during their stay (see the Information section).  

The HACM intends to set up a network of partners that will include:

-         A non-commercial network: including operators participating in a process of exchanging information and materials useful when organising events, collecting CD-stored archive materials (photos, recipes, collectors' items etc) as well as gathering information that can be useful in providing tourists with a well-organised, qualified service;

-        The HACM network: including operators who make quality and excellence their motto and share the same fervour for, and interest in, promoting mountain culture and enhancing it, making sure it can be enjoyed 365 days a year.

-        Commercial partners: all companies and organisations that wish to promote the HACM's activities or even just one-off initiatives.

The HACM will also set up a CLUB that will allow its members to enjoy a series of discounts from HACM network partners, as well as allow them to take part at first hand in the HACM's new initiatives and events and receive previews about them. Details on joining the HACM Club are available in its own special section and are constantly updated.

The HACM also offers collectors who love the mountains and mountain memorabilia a chance to meet. That's why a Collectors section has been set up, where you'll find loads of useful, fascinating information and where you can propose new collecting ideas worth developing and working on.

Last but not least, the HACM offers constantly updated sections – a Gallery and a Press Reviewwhere all the multimedia material available concerning events, courses, themed soirees and culinary evenings will be listed, as well as press reviews.

READ and WIN! By keeping in touch with us, you’ll have the chance to enter the competitions that the directors of the HACM set up and win fabulous prizes. Don't forget to keep an eye on the Competitions section!  

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