HACM also means the love of fine things.

The pleasure that comes from admiring an object from a bygone age, gazing at a fabric whose weave ‘tells the story’ of ancient traditions…

The joy of experiencing the mountains – and allowing our guests and friends to experience them too – through paintings that freeze a moment in time, the cyclical alternation of seasons; paintings that seem to exude the fragrances of nature or of gently falling snow, or the warmth of September sunsets… Graceful, wide-eyed, rosy-lipped figurines that seem to shout with wonder, small masterpieces by famous Italian potters who in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s were inspired by that new, strange fashion: snow sports.

A passion for collecting, driven by emotion, by the joy of seeking out objects over many years, at one’s own pace.

For those who know how to look, how to appreciate with their eyes and, even more, with their hearts. And the ‘Once Upon a Time There Was an Upper Valley’ project launched by the HACM is a project that comes from the heart. It aims to reconstruct bygone places of the Upper Susa Valley by collecting postcards, photographs, books and posters. Of course, anyone can join in and notify us of interesting items or collect them.


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